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On the morning of 3rd January, a donkey owner came to the Harrison’s residence and requested treatment for one of his donkeys which was suffering from colic. When Jean and Kailash went to location in Sector 57 they immediately decided that the male donkey should be admitted to the shelter for treatment. he was given...

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A donkey owner and his son walked a male donkey from their encampment in Sector 57 Gurgaon to the Harrison residence in Sector 45 ( a distance of appx 6 kms) as the donkey’s ear had been had been bitten by another male (a fairly regular event) and required medical treatment. Jean and Bob saw...

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We previously posted that on New Years Day bob and our manager . Kailash admitted a white wedding horse from the village Khedjira and whilst they were at the village they gave medication to other horses and mules.On 5th January one of the owners in the same village requested The Asswin team to attend again as one of his horses, a black female named “KALI”, had serious colic and the pain had caused her to…

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