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Our Donkeys


SPRITE was an abandoned donkey. We received a late call from someone simply to tell us he had seen a poor donkey wandering around seemingly abandoned , lost and all alone. We went out into the night in the ambulance to find him. We had to search for quite awhile before we found him and then once we did he was not easy to catch. He was scared, cold and very fast!!

After sometime we were able to catch him . We checked him all over and although he had been left abandoned he did not seem to have any major wounds or symptoms of other conditions. He will need to be checked regularly just in case. He is a wonderful donkey, full of spirit and he runs and runs about. Hence the name Sprite. From the first day he joined our family he made friends. With everyone. He greets people at the gate and comforts the sick.

It is not very often we rescue an animal that is in pretty good health.

We have to keep an eye on them of course but Sprite is simply a joy. He plays with the puppies and our goat as well as the other donkeys. He makes us all laugh. He is a pleasure to be around and brings us all great joy.


We had a call from a Shelter in Faridabad informing us that a one year old donkey with a rectum wound infested with maggots had been abandoned. This is an all too common story where either owners have not got the funds to provided their animals with proper veterinarian care or they are treated as “disposable” and turned away to fend for themselves, usually to face a slow and painful death. We immediately went to pick the donkey up and named him “Cocodo.” Cocodo has now made a full recovery and has become friends with Cheetu and Hazel. Another little donkey called Bisto has joined the gang and all these babies have had a surrogate Mum called Tilly who is well know for tirelessly providing milk for these orphans. All these donkeys have a forever home at the Sanctuary.


Lightening was initially brought to the Shelter in 2016 because she had hit an illegally high voltage fence and suffered an extremely severe wound across her chest. She had had to undergo a lot of treatment and care but thankfully she recovered well and was returned to her owner. But in 2017, Lightening’s owner called us because the poor horse had fallen into thick barbed wire fence whilst running in her field with her Mother. The wounds were horrendous; her skin was ripped to the bone on both legs. It was shocking to see and the pain she must have been in was unimaginable. Once Lightening was initially treated at the Shelter, she had to be supported in a wooden crèche as the severe nature of her injuries had left her unable to stand. It was also vital to keep her as still as possible to help her wounds to heal and to support her so she could rest her body when tired. Lightening allowed us to treat her and she has made good progress so much so that she is able to have a walk every day and in January 2017 we was once again returned to her beloved owner.


Not only had Cheetu’s Mum died but he also had a terrible wound on his head so whilst he was under treatment and recovering, it was wonderful that he and Hazel had one another for comfort. They simply adore one another and they are very cheeky; they love stealing carrots with their friend Cocodo who you can read about above.

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