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We previously posted that on New Years Day bob and our manager . Kailash admitted a white wedding horse from the village Khedjira and whilst they were at the village they gave medication to other horses and mules.On 5th January one of the owners in the same village requested The Asswin team to attend again as one of his horses, a black female named “KALI”, had serious colic and the pain had caused her to roll and bang her head. Kailash attended with Jean and they immediately admitted “Kali” and at the shelter she was given immediate medication and treatment. Her pains soon subsided but her right eyelid required stitches. Also, her wounds on her legs have been attended to.She has been given good food and extra warmth with the help of a blanket provided by “SALEIRE ARTWORK” ( Thanks for the the many blankets which have been DONATED as THE WEATHER IS QUITE COLD at the moment.

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