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Your donation can stop the unimaginable suffering of animals in India We save and care for donkeys, horses & street dogs daily. PLEASE HELP

Meet the Team

Since 1994, Bob and Jean Harrison have been working tirelessly in animal welfare in India and during that time have worked with all the well known UK animal welfare charities which are represented in India. But in 2005 – having identified a huge unfulfilled need – they decided to go it alone and established “The Asswin Project”.

The name ‘Asswin” reflects the work of the Aswins – physicians in Hindu mythology who were said to attended to the needs of the sick, and to alleviate pain and suffering. By adding another ‘s’ the link is made with the ass, or donkey – and hence “The Asswin Project”.


The Asswin Project for Donkeys and Other Animals in India is a UK registered charity which finances a healthcare programme for needy animals in and around the Haryana State including the New Delhi District. It rescues and provides medical treatment and sanctuary to injured, sick, abused and neglected working donkeys and horses as well as street dogs and other animals.

The team of eight in India, headed by the Harrisons (now in their 70’s,) work year round, every day of every week. They regularly visit the many construction sites, brick kilns, and so-called ‘slumdog’ encampments around Haryana State and the Delhi District. During these visits they give treatment and care to suffering horses and donkeys. At the same time, they offer practical advice and help to the owners and their families on effective animal husbandry. The team also respond to calls from the community, the police, and the fire service to help animals involved in road accidents (a regular occurrence) and have access to a veterinary service when needed.



Donations! It costs roughly £1/day to rescue, keep and treat our donkeys and we rely solely on donations to run our charity. We know we are in competition with many other worthy organisations at a time when there is just not enough to go round. So we are very grateful for any donation be it big or small, be it a one off or a monthly contribution. And if you are able to sign a Gift Aid form (which we can supply) then we are able to claim a further 25% from Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise on your behalf.

To potential donors, we would like you to know that what few overheads the charity does have are covered by contributions from the UK Government under its “Gift Aid” scheme, and that the administration and fundraising team in the UK are all unpaid volunteers. This means that every penny of every donation is spent on the rescue, treatment and care of the animals themselves.


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Ms Sarah Noble, Tel: 01323 832325
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UK CHARITY : 1112882

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