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Your donation can stop the unimaginable suffering of animals in India. We save and care for donkeys, horses & street dogs daily. PLEASE HELP

Our Mission and Purpose

The Asswin Project for Donkeys and Other Animals in India is a UK registered charity which finances a healthcare programme for needy animals in and around the outskirts of New Delhi. It rescues and provides medical treatment to injured and sick working donkeys and horses as well as street dogs and other animals in need.

The team in India, headed by Jean and Bob Harrison and ably assisted by Kailash Kumar, work year round every day of every week and regularly visit the many construction sites, brick kilns, and so-called ‘slumdog’ encampments around New Delhi.

During these visits they give treatment and care to suffering donkeys, and at the same time offer practical help and advice to donkey owners and their families on effective animal husbandry. They also respond to calls from the community, the police, and the fire service to help animals involved in road accidents, and have access to a veterinary service when needed.

Jean, Bob and Kailash are supported by 8 workers who work in all the varying jobs required of an animal shelter; it is not just about the treatment and care for the animals but also the manual labour that is needed to keep the Shelter clean and in full running order with water and lights. They also maintain the vehicles as well as treat the animals wounds. Working at an animal shelter makes for long days in order to maintain the high standards required but there are many times when the animals show you their love and appreciation. Each day Jean, Bob or one of the lads picks up all the greens, carrots, bran and apples as treats when available. The lads distribute the feed in equal portions to all the equines and it is a joy to see their excitement. It is also a requirement of all those who work and/or volunteer at the Shelter to give as much TLC, by way of strokes and cuddles to all animals requesting it!

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On the morning of 3rd January, a donkey owner came to the Harrison’s residence and requested treatment for one of his donkeys which was suffering from colic. When Jean and Kailash went to location in Sector 57 they immediately decided that the male donkey should be admitted to the shelter for treatment. he was given...

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A donkey owner and his son walked a male donkey from their encampment in Sector 57 Gurgaon to the Harrison residence in Sector 45 ( a distance of appx 6 kms) as the donkey’s ear had been had been bitten by another male (a fairly regular event) and required medical treatment. Jean and Bob saw...

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